segunda-feira, 10 de agosto de 2015

Gisele will be always the unique Gisele

I decided to write this text in English just because there is a word that can not be translated to my native language (Portuguese)! The word is grief. The other day I was talking to my friend Karina, who is my mentor for several subjects and also for English, saying about the intrinsic meaning of this word... and three weeks later I'm living this feeling.

You know when you have a pet who is more person than a pet? At this moment I only have Nicole, but one day ago they were two! Yes! My beloved Gisele (this name because she was a skinny, blonde, gorgeous Whippet and looked like Gisele Bündchen) passed last morning. She was a young lady, but a special one who built up her mission in this life and passed to continue living her lovely way.

Gisele, you are my daughter! Someone who (permanently) occupies part of my heart! I love you sooo much, be happy and keep always connected to me.

Lots of love from your daddy, 

2 comentários:

[ keo ] por Raquel Neves disse...

Muito lindo!!!
Esse amor ficará pra sempre..
Sua filhinha virou uma estrelinha, mas um dia à encontraremos de novo...
bj querido...

Kmelendez disse...

My dear friend just saw this beautiful post ( what an honor) and just as lovely pictures! She was so loved and will remain so with the help of so many beautiful, fun and loving memories. Love u xxx Karina

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